Blackjack is a fairly high-tempo card game with a simple counting strategy. It is part of the table and card games offered in every casino around the world and every online casino on the Internet. Blackjack is considered the second most popular card game, after poker. The precursor of blackjack was the card game “vingt-et-un” (twenty-one), which appeared in French gambling establishments around the 19th century. Certain cards in blackjack earn you a certain amount of points, and the main aim is to accumulate 21 points or at least get close to this sum (but never more). It is noteworthy that even color-blind people can easily indulge in this pastime – the color of suits does not matter. You can start playing blackjack by selecting a reliable casino at

The aim of the game

The objective of the game of blackjack is to get twenty-one points or as close to this amount as possible, but not more. If a player scores more than twenty-one points, he immediately loses. In other cases, the value of his cards is compared with the value of the dealer’s cards, and the winner is determined. A card worth ten points and an ace received from the deal is called a blackjack. This is the only card combination in the game that has a name and it is superior to any other card.

The merit of the cards

Cards from twos to tens have a dignity that matches their face value. Jack, queen, and king have a dignity equal to ten points. The ace can give one or eleven points. This choice is made in favor of the player.

For example, if the box has an ace and a four, it is announced that the player has five or fifteen points. If he gets a six, he will get twenty-one points (in some casinos, in such a situation, the game automatically goes to the next box, and some casinos announce eleven or twenty-one and the player chooses whether to take another card). However, if he gets a seven, he will be considered to have twelve points, but not twenty-two.

Number of players

The number of players is limited by the number of boxes (fields for betting) on the gaming table. In the traditional version, there are seven. However, this does not mean that players can make joint bets on the same box. The main thing that their amount does not exceed the maximum bet allowed for this table.

Number of bets

Many casinos do not allow single boxing, so a player must place at least two bets. The maximum number of bets per player is determined by each casino, but it is usually limited to the number of boxes on the table.

How to play

The dealer carefully mixes all the decks, separates some of the cards (from fifth to third) with a special plastic card, and puts them all in the “shoe”. In the course of the game, he takes out the cards one by one and distributes them to the players and himself. The cards that come out of the game are placed in a special eliminator and remain there until a plastic card comes out of the “shoe”. The hand during which this occurred is declared the last and at the end of it, all cards are shuffled again.

Having prepared the cards for play, the dealer invites the players to place their bets, after which he stops accepting them and begins to deal with the cards. In the basic version of the game, he deals two cards to all players and himself One of his cards he opens. In some countries, a variant of the rules has become widespread in which the dealer deals himself with only one open card, and he draws the rest for himself after all the players. 

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