A man’s physiology is built so that he can be sexually active and continue his lineage even at a very advanced age. Nowadays, it is difficult to stay in shape, as a number of factors affect the state of health. Among them: bad ecology, consumption of junk food, sedentary work. Because of this, the good potency in old age has to be forgotten. Of course, this situation is not a verdict, and it is not only possible, but also necessary to fight. But to understand how to do this, you need to identify several major causes of problems with male “strength”. If you are facing the problem for the first time, we recommend that you visit https://svensktapotek.net/kopa-active-pack/.

Why does it happen?

With age, the stronger sex significantly decreases the production of the main male hormone – testosterone, which determines not only the quantity but also the quality of sex. Few people after sixty have the same intense feelings during orgasm as they had at 20-30 years of age. It is difficult to achieve an erection itself, especially repeated ones, and the main reason for this is the deterioration of the condition of the blood vessels of the penis primarily due to atherosclerosis, which is formed by an unhealthy diet. In addition, the potency can also be affected by psychological reasons – lack of novelty, variety, age-related changes in the partner and loss of its external attractiveness.

Circulatory disorders

Most men prefer to sit with one leg over the other while leaning forward. Regular sitting in such a position leads to rather unpleasant consequences. The structure of veins in the groin resembles a cobweb, and if you constantly squeeze thin veins, the venous outflow strongly deteriorates. This leads to inflammation. With age, blood clots will form, blood flow worsens and a man begins to worry about impotence.

But this is not a verdict. There are many foods that promote blood thinning – onions, black pepper, garlic, ginger. It is also useful to eat saltwater fish at least several times a week. After adjusting the diet, you should think about a minimum load – walking or light warming up, which will help to improve blood circulation.

What to do

The fastest way to regain sexual activity after the age of sixty is to take advantage of medical advances. Today there is a whole list of medicines available that can not only improve the potency itself, but also improve the quality and quantity of sexual intercourse.

In addition to the help of medicine, it is worth and himself to take care of improving potency, namely:

  • as much as possible to give up bad habits (smoking), reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages;
  • revise your diet so that there was a maximum of useful properties in food. Be sure to give up fried and fatty foods, which provokes the development of atherosclerosis;
  • engage in sports as much as possible or, at least, start doing special Kegel exercises;
  • do not forget about the regularity of sexual relations, which will help all of the above recommendations.

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