You might hear a lot of ideas about DevOps as a silver bullet for every IT company. The founders want to implement it and increase their competitiveness on the market, make faster releases, automate processes, and much more. But do DevOps services really so beneficial and do you need it in your company? In today’s article, we’ll talk about DevOps ideas and benefits.

At first, we should start from the definition. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings around DevOps. So, what is it? Is it only a collaboration between Devs and Ops teams? Well, no. DevOps provides its own culture that includes team cohesiveness and strong collaboration. It blurs the borders between teams’ responsibility and makes all teams responsible for the development process. DevOps covers all the teams in software development. Usually, it’s developers, QA engineers, and IT Operations, or DevOps engineers. And all these teams should be flexible and cohesive.

After the culture DevOps approach provides practices and tools. The main practices include CI/CD, microservices, IaC, continuous monitoring, and others. All practices should automate internal processes and make work with projects fast, smooth, and flexible. Now, let’s have a look at benefits for the business.

Benefits of DevOps implementation

The very first benefit is of course flexibility in team and processes. Your team will become calm and efficient, and as a result, involved, focused, motivated, and loyal. Flexibility in processes will bring you a great opportunity to change a product. Every bug fix, update or release will be very fast because of automation. So, the next benefit is speed. Automation can bring a very high speed of product development and significantly shorten time-to-market. While your competitors will think about the new feature you will already add it to your product. Also, DevOps can bring smooth scalability because of automation. When your processes are automated, you can pay attention to system improvement and new ideas for realization.

And the last for today but not the least is cost-efficiency. Every business wants to earn money and save resources, and the DevOps approach can do both. Faster releases can bring you new earnings and automated processes without bottlenecks will save you lots of money. Almost every DevOps tool uses cloud platforms and they provide a pay-per-use system, so when you have a small load you won’t overpay for your services and storage.

Thus said, DevOps is very beneficial for the business almost in any case. It needs some investments for implementation, so it can be unprofitable only for very small companies or short projects. In other cases, the DevOps approach will make your product development extremely fast and efficient.

How to provide DevOps transformation?

If you want to implement DevOps culture and practices to your company, the best way is referring to experienced specialists who will make the fast transformation. Such specialists work for DevOps service providers or Managed Service Providers. You can hire a single DevOps engineer or the whole DevOps team for your project.

The DevOps team will make the assessment of the current infrastructure and create a plan of transformation. Often such teams work with different companies and know a lot of tools and ways of automation. They can use some turnkey solutions to make DevOps implementation faster. Thus said, if you want fast DevOps transformation, just find a reliable dedicated team for your project.