Recently, TV programs devoted to court trials have become popular among viewers. Adhering to the screens, fans of TV shows follow the fate of the program participants and especially – the performances of the actor-lawyer, skillfully operating legal terms, decorated with witty remarks. As a result, many have the opinion that the real thing to win is not so difficult, the main thing – to hire any lawyer. But it is far from so. If there is a situation, the trial on which occurs in court, every person, no matter what the expert in the legislation he was, you can give advice – to find a lawyer who can provide competent legal assistance and represent the interests of the client in court. But how can one find really good employment lawyers in New York

What to pay attention to? 

Before assessing a lawyer, it is necessary to determine on what criteria to conduct the analysis. After all, a good lawyer does not need to be dressed in a designer suit and freely quote the law, but he must be perfectly guided in the law, be able to intelligently and coherently express thoughts. The main requirements for a lawyer we will give below.

A human rights defender does not necessarily have to wear a Yves Saint Laurent costume, but his appearance must be in line with his status. Who in court will listen to a man in jeans and a dirty shirt? In this case, accuracy, as well as literacy – the companions of a professional lawyer in everything: in the preparation and storage of documents, in a letter, in a conversation. An experienced lawyer knows how to be both charming and tough, to find penetrating words and instantly recall the complex formulations and articles of laws. But not only that, it speaks about his professional qualities.

Education, experience, successful cases: what says about the level of professionalism of the lawyer? 

Education obtained in a major law school is an undeniable advantage, but not the main thing. Not every lawyer can become a good lawyer: to start an independent practice should have a practice in the specialty and pass the qualification exam. After that, the applicant should apply to the Commission, where his status will be confirmed. Opportunities for a lawyer is wide enough. First, only a lawyer has the right to represent the client in criminal cases.  Secondly, in accordance with the law, a lawyer has the right to the so-called lawyer’s request, to which the state and other bodies are obliged to respond. In addition, the code of professional ethics of a lawyer is much stricter and the responsibility is higher.

However, the most important indicator for a specialist is his work. It is worth wondering how many cases the lawyer conducted and how many of them were won (and it is good if the format of cases was similar to yours), how long the proceedings lasted, etc. Remember that failures are inevitable in the practice of any, even the most successful, lawyer, so if the lawyer speaks only about winning cases, it is an occasion to think about the truthfulness of his words. Most often, even private lawyers conduct free first consultation, during which the client can ask all the questions about the specialization and experience of the lawyer, as well as tell in general the essence of the appeal.

Sadly, there are cases that are simply impossible to win (for example, if the client admitted his guilt), there is only an opportunity to mitigate the sentence. A good lawyer will be able to achieve the minimum penalty (imprisonment term or fine) for the client. There are many racial discrimination lawyers in New York City and experts in other fields. It is important for you to find among them those lawyers who can solve your problem and benefit from their work. Often there are situations where it is difficult for a person to find a good lawyer on their own. It is therefore better to contact a professional law firm that has a high status and good customer feedback.