A custom car console is a piece of furniture that fits between the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat, providing storage and a place to rest a mobile or watch. They can also be designed to include a place to change or relocate a/c controls.

One of the best aspects of a console is that it can be easily removed without causing damage. In addition, it can be fitted to many types of cars. Some of these designs include storage spaces, a holder for a mobile, and cup holders.

Rob Zahadi, owner of a 69 Camaro, recently installed a custom car console to his vehicle. He shows how he went about constructing his console in a step-by-step process. The result is a sleek, well-designed console that is sure to enhance the looks of any car.

The console was 40-1/8 inches long and 8-5/16 inches high. It was crafted to mimic the factory console of the 68-72 Chevelle. Using a jigsaw and cardboard templates, Rob created a template and transferred the shape to three-millimeter thick MDF. The sides of the console were then covered with five-millimeter thick high-density foam.

A teardrop-shaped opening was cut into the top shifter plate. This was able to be perforated to fit a variety of shifters. Another 7-millimeter thick panel was trimmed off of the bottom edge of the console.

After a full customization, the console was installed in a forty-hour process. In addition to the console, Rob also installed a full custom interior. The console is a part of a complete set of door trims, leather, and floors that he customized.

The upper section of the console is wrapped in a medium-weight biscuit-coloured leather. This contrasts beautifully with the blue paintwork of the Camaro. The lower section of the console is trimmed in a darker perforated leather.

The leather on the console is made from Swedish leather. It is a medium-weight material that is easy to apply and install. When wrapping the console, the edges must be placed precisely. If there are irregularities, the leather will show up.

The top section of the console is secured with stainless button head bolts, which are about the same width as the floor panels. Nylon straps run under the console and are cinched down to the front of the console. Once the console is in place, a nylon strap runs under the seat to secure it.

The ultimate custom console kit includes a pair of stainless steel cup holders, two Billet inserts, one piece of upholstery material, and CNC-cut components. All of the material and labor is included. These kits are custom-made to fit various types of vehicles, including muscle cars.

To ensure the best fit, Rob created a template for the opening of the console. After placing the template on the console, he measured and marked the appropriate size for the hole. He then used a jigsaw to cut out the desired shape. Finally, Rob transferred the shape to the 3-millimeter MDF.