First, decide on the company: whether you want to rent a car from an international or local company. If you take a car from an international company, you will have to pay more, but you get high-quality service, a 24-hour telephone support line and cars that meet international standards. For example, according to the standards of car rental barcelona, a car that is rented is not older than 3 years, and the mileage is not more than 100,000 km. If you take a car from some unreliable company, you pay less, but such companies do not have approved standards, and often cars do not meet the specified quality and mileage.

When you have decided on a rental company, you must decide on the class of the car. Here in any company you will be offered a wide selection of cars: from economy class to luxury cars. Please note that often cars have a mileage limit, which makes the car cheaper, however, if you exceed the set limit, you will have to pay extra when you rent a car for extra kilometers. After you have decided on the company and the car, you contact the manager or book a car on the website. Please note that you can take a car at a rental point, or you can order a car to be delivered to a place convenient for you.

How to return a car after rental?

Everything is quite simple here: you come to the rental point and should give the keys to manager. The car must be clean, and the level of gasoline should be at the same level as before renting a car.

What is a money block and why is it charged?

When renting a car, a certain amount is blocked on your card account in case of an accident or car theft – this is a deductible. The amount of the deductible depends on the class of the car. We would like to separately note that the amount of the insurance is not transferred to the account of the rental company, but it is blocked on your card account. If the car rental was held without incident and insurance events, the deductible amount is unlocked within 5-7 days and returned to your card. It takes so much time to check the car at the service station. Sometimes the unlocking period may increase, the rental company has no complaints against you, and the money is still blocked. In this case, we advise you to contact your bank and ask to unlock the card manually.

Is a rental car insured?

Yes, all rates include third party liability insurance. Also, the rental rates include car insurance in case of accident and damage. The amount of customer liability depends on the group of rental car. The rates also include car theft insurance, the amount of liability also depends on the class of the rented car. When renting a car, the client has the opportunity to reduce the amount of his liability by buying increased insurance. Accident insurance is usually not included in the car rental rate, but the client can always buy this insurance additionally when he rents a car. The insurance does not apply to cases where the client used a rental car to tow another car, took part in races, was in a state of intoxication, or was driven by a third party not specified in the contract. All insurance conditions, deductibles are indicated in the lease, which are usually available on the official websites of rental companies.

What documents are needed to rent a car?

In order to rent a car you must have a passport, a driver’s license and a card with enough money to block the deductible.

What are the age restrictions?

The driver must be at least 21 years old, and for groups of premium cars, the driver must be at least 25 years old. Driving experience must be at least 2 years. But it can vary in different countries.

What are the restrictions on using a rental car?

No smoking in rental car. This car can only be driven by those people who were specified in the rental agreement. Otherwise, using a rental car is no different from using a personal car.

What to do if you have an accident in a rental car?

Be sure to call the traffic police, draw up an accident report. And also, be sure to call the call center of the rental company and report the incident.