Every car enthusiast wants his or her car to look like the one from the showroom, even after a long time. Without proper protection, the lacquer coating of a car will gradually grow dull, small scratches will appear, and the lacquer will wear off. As a consequence, the exterior will cease to please the owner, and the value of the car for subsequent sale is reduced.

A few years ago, the first protective coatings for the body of the car appeared, which were made on the basis of wax. They did not provide a long-term and reliable protection effect: they were quickly washed off at car washes and under the influence of atmospheric precipitations, burned out in the sun and were hard to apply. In a few years the situation on the market of automotive chemistry has changed: best ceramic coating Melbourne has been developed, which by its protective properties is ten times better than wax based compositions. These are ceramic compositions, also called “liquid glass”.

Nanoceramics: truth or myth?

Many people have heard the word “nanoceramics”. Often car-care centers attract the attention of clients with promises to put nanoceramics on the car body for little money. The prefix “nano” is often applied to modern goods and is questionable. In some coatings there is indeed nanopowder of titanium dioxide, which increases adhesion of the composition, does not let the coating get dull and become yellow. But it doesn’t add durability to the coatings.

The real ceramic coating is the result of serious work of chemical scientists. The ceramic coating used in the craftsman’s work uses polyurethane and isocyanate for unsurpassed strength and flexibility of the protective film. Many ceramic coatings do not have titanium dioxide nano-powder in their composition, the coating may contain a more advanced pigment. This is a true ceramic coating. It is only available to professional detailing centers. There you can also learn how to remove ceramic coating from cars.

Why do I need a ceramic coating?

The original paint coatings of your car are exposed to negative environmental impacts, because they are not strong and hard enough. Chemical reagents, stones, sand, dust, sunlight, all cause damage to your car body. The damage can be repaired with a professional abrasive polish, but the original finish is not infinite. After four abrasive polishes, the factory coating reaches its minimum thickness, further work will lead to unfortunate consequences. So it makes sense to learn how to prep a car for ceramic coating.

After the coating is applied, a protective film with a thickness of 2 microns is formed on the paint coating – this figure is more than 100 times higher in relation to low-quality coatings. The protective film does not rub off at sinks and is not washed off by atmospheric precipitation. It can only be removed by professional abrasive polishing. Today the market is overflowing with a huge amount of cheap coatings. 90% of them – coatings from China, which are marketed under the names “ceramic” and “nanoceramics”. In reality, at best they are SiO2 and have nothing in common with ceramics. Beware of fakes – do not buy pseudo-protective compositions on your own.

Advantages of Ceramic Compound

As already mentioned, such a coating protects the car from chemical reagents, bird products, mechanical damage, and burnout in the sun. The coating has a long-lasting hydrophobic effect, self-cleaning effect, lollipop effect, and provides the coating with unparalleled smoothness, gloss and color saturation. 

A multilayer coating that consists of a base first coat and a top coat for even more unsurpassed protection. It has a melting point of 2730 ° C, which is more than 1100 ° C higher than the melting point of low-quality coatings. The gloss and shine after coating increases within a month, and remains at its maximum level for 7 years. Other, more economical, coatings quickly lose their shine and require additional restoration of their shine.

When can I wash my car after ceramic coating

With proper care, the car is guaranteed to be cobweb-free from washing. The basic care consists of a two-phase car wash. The first phase is a touchless car body wash. The second phase is washing the car with a sponge and washing solution. With this approach your car will be in perfect condition. Modern best car detailing Melbourne offers a guarantee on the application of the ceramic coating. The coating does not require renewal, only proper care. Before choosing a service, you should clarify: What is the best ceramic coating for your car?

How is ceramic coating applied?

Ceramic coating application is a labor-intensive procedure that is performed by experienced professionals using professional equipment and materials. The process includes several steps and you can find out about them in special services.